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Mar. 10 - 17, 2019
Yuma, AZ
Guest Speakers
June 25 - 28, 2019
Glenwood, WA
June 30 - July 3, 2019
Gleed, WA
Robert Davis
July 4 - 7, 2019 *
Yakima, WA
July 14 - 21, 2019
Delta Family Camp Meeting
Guest Speakers
July 28 - Aug. 4,  2019 *
Lorenzo, TX
Roger Walkingstick
   & Mike Harcrow
   * (tentative)
James Suahgba
Bro. Edward
Son missing for four months
John Kombo
Nakuru, Kenya
Diabetes,  high blood pressure, &
enlarged heart
John Kombo's son, Charles
Nakuru, Kenya
Injured in motorcycle accident
Julius Wandera
Malaria & Typhoid Fever
Julius Wandera's son
Malaria, Pneumonia, & Typhoid Fever
Brent Berry
Canton, GA
Heart problems
Tony Schell
Cedaredge, CO
Heart irregularities
Debbie Wilkerson
Cedaredge, CA
Fighting cancer & back surgery
Carol Bauer
Gleed, WA
Received liver transplant & cancer
Pauline Holloway
Gleed, WA
Uterine & cervical cancer
Ilene Thrush
Gleed, WA
Several strokes & heart issues
J. D. Logan
Glenwood, WA
Double heart bypass surgery
Jeannean McSwane
Glenwood, WA
Severe infections, pain, & blood clots,
& falls
Greg Stacy
Glenwood, WA
Triple heart blockage, surgery
Phillip Auslam
Goshen, AR
Cancer in remission
Otto & Mariella Alvarez
Harlingen, TX
Dangerous travel
Eunice Jared
Hillsboro, OR
Heart problems, age related
Gordon Hoffman
Lorenzo, TX
In and out of hospital
Jaetta Loftis
Lorenzo, TX
Gradual aging issues
Jim Loftis
Lorenzo, TX
Fever & general weakness
Madeline Nemec
Lorenzo, TX
Radiation for skin cancer
Jessica Chastain
Pleasant View, OK
Health issues
Reba Morris
Pleasant View, OK
Lupus & recent surgeries
Retha Morris
Pleasant View, OK
Fighting Parkinson's Disease, health
Darletta Spencer
Pleasant View, OK
Fighting cancer
Terry James
Yakima, WA
Severe stomach problems
Marta Harrington
Yakima, WA
Cancer surgery recovery
Cinde McCay
Yakima, WA
Fighting Parkinson's & broken hip
Tony Brister
Yuma, AZ
Chemo & fighting cancer
Fred Cummings
Yuma, AZ
Congestive heart failure
Harry Davis
Yuma, AZ
Back problems & prostate cancer
Alice Davis
Yuma, AZ
Verda Nelson
Yuma, AZ
Knee problems
Iris Stewart
Yuma, AZ
Heart problems
All of those in Africa that fight malaria
and other maladies continually and all
those in nursing homes or advanced
age-related issues